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HIU service, repairs and replacement specialists trusted by UK’s largest Developers

HIU is a brand name that has been around since the late 1990s. 

HIU currently operates three main divisions: HIU Automotive, which provides all aspects of vehicle maintenance, repairs and care; HIU Auto Exports, which facilitates importation of vehicles by HIU; and HIU Service & Repair for Cars and Commercial Vehicles, which serves the needs of large UK vehicle manufacturers.

HIU Automotive repairs cars for a wide range of brands across different segments: from small family run businesses to high-volume commercial customers. The company also provides service on many other types of vehicles such as commercial vans and articulated lorries.

HIU Auto Exports offers importation services across a wide range of models including small cars, minivans, trucks and buses as well as parts sourcing services for these vehicles.

The HIU Service & Repair division is one of the UK’s leading providers of professional car servicing services where consumers choose their own timescales for repairs with an à la carte service available at their convenience via an online booking system. Consumers can book in their vehicle using a credit card or PayPal account or check out with cash at any HIU garage/service centre within its network.

In addition to repairing private customers’ vehicles HIU also offers regular maintenance services on behalf of its clients whilst also providing support via telephone helplines 24 hours a day 7 days per week for all aspects of automotive servicing including MOTs / Road Test’s / Car Wash’s / Maintenance Checks & even MOT’s / Car Repairs! For more 


 What HIUs are and why they are important


HIU services are one of the most important aspects of UK business and without a proper service, the UK economy will stagnate. Our customers rely on our experience and expertise to ensure that their HIU systems are working to their full potential.

Even if you’ve never made a home repair, you may be a prime candidate for HIU services because there’s always a need for something new or an old part missing. The IT industry is constantly appreciating upgrades and replacement parts, but we can also arrange for replacement of parts that have become obsolete over time.

HIU repair aren’t easy. No matter what your needs are today or tomorrow, there’s no guarantee that they can be solved by anyone else in the future. You need skilled technicians who can help you with all your problems and not just with their own projects or those of other industries.

We guarantee quality workmanship on all our HIUs, so you can rest assured they will always look like new again. We offer an enhanced warranty service so that you can get guaranteed quality work done right at an affordable price. All we ask is that you make an appointment online or by calling 01252 550041 to discuss your specific needs with one of our highly-skilled technicians before we start any work on your equipment.


How HIUs work


HIU (High-Inefficent) is a term used to describe mobile app developers that offer mobile app repairs, development and other related services. The term HIU (High-Inefficent) is a term used to describe mobile app developers that offer mobile app repairs, development and other related services.

HIU means “high-inefficient” in UK English. It is a popular way to say “competetive employer” in the United Kingdom where HIU employers are those who offer high-quality unconditional employment conditions for their staff.

An HIU employer does not pay employees for hours worked on the job. Instead, employees are required to do work for free in return for being paid by the employer. This arrangement gives employees a chance to grow their skills and advance from one part-time job to another, with limited training or experience needed each time.

HIUs also provide apprenticeship opportunities through which students can gain work experience and learn valuable trade skills before getting a full-time job with an HIU employer.

As well as working as an HIU, staff members of an HIU employer can be hired on temporary contracts by third parties at many times during the year when they have skills and experience needed by clients in their field of work.


The benefits of using a specialist HIU service, repairs and replacement company


HIU (High Improvement Value) is a UK-based company that has been providing specialist IT, telecom and electrical services and related services since 2000. HIU service, repairs and replacement specialists trusted by uk’s largest developers

The benefits of using HIU service, repairs and replacement specialists trusted by uk’s largest developers

A few years ago I switched to HIU as my IT repair provider. I had no idea what to expect when I picked an independent repair company over the big-name brands because it was their reputation for quality that got me. But their reputation for customer service is second to none. When something goes wrong with your computer or mobile device you can always call them if you have a problem or need help and they will sort it out for you with no fuss or conflict. They let you know what the problem is straight away and if it is a major problem they will take care of it quickly, efficiently and professionally. They also offer free phone support which means there’s no chance of losing money on your phone bill. Their team of experienced engineers are also available 24 hours a day to assist with any problems you might have and they are very proactive in solving any issues that arise in the early stages so you don’t have to wait until it fully ‘wakes up’ – which can mean a lot of time spent waiting around.

I am in constant contact with them via email but they also post those messages on their website where I can read them at anytime without having to click on anything! Whenever I do have an issue they get back to me as soon as possible – which is amazing as most companies take weeks (or even months) before responding again! HIU really has top notch customer service!

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Case studies of large developments that have used a specialist HIU service, repairs and replacement company


Over the last year, I have been involved in two major projects – one across the UK, and one in South Africa. The UK project involved a large development of over 100 homes being built. In both cases, HIU worked with a specialist HIU service provider to provide repairs and maintenance to the homes of the clients. One was a single home that required a full renovation; the other was an apartment block.

In both cases, HIU kept in touch with its clients after completion to check on progress and work on any problems that arose during the process. Both clients were satisfied with the services provided, and both felt it was important for them to make sure their investments were being well looked after by their architect-engineer partner agencies.

In South Africa, we worked with a company called Solarzimple who specialises in installing solar panels on both commercial and residential buildings. Solarzimple use HIU’s technical expertise and highly experienced staff to complete each project on time and within budget.

The client is happy with this arrangement; they feel confident that they are getting good value for money from their specialist partner agency, HIU , whilst Solarzimple are able to offer great value as well.”


The cost of HIU services, repairs and replacements


There is a place for every type of business, and one of the most common places is in the digital space. A company’s digital presence through search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing are two powerful tools in the business arsenal.

In addition to their ability to increase sales, increase traffic and display targeted ads to their customers, businesses can also use these tools to improve brand awareness and sales.

The term “HIU” stands for Help Improving User Experience. HIU businesses are those that provide services that enhance a user’s experience in order to become more efficient and effective with their websites, applications or other digital products. These services include:

1.) User enhancement (search engine optimization (SEO), social media training, website design);

2.) Website/application development;

3.) Web hosting;

4.) Instant messaging (IM); and;

5.) Software support.


How to choose


Hiu repair and replacement are the most widely used services by UK developers.

The vast majority of them use Hiu Service which are well-known for their quality and reliability.

It is important that you choose a company based on multiple criteria, such as customer service and long term value for money. We have made a full list of these criteria so that you will get an idea of what makes a Hiu repair and replacement company good.

A study by the ‘House Builders Federation’ has revealed that 99% of building contractors use Hiu, with 84% using Hiu to provide repairs & replacements to builders’ garages. Of those same contractors, 92% would recommend Hiu to any new clients looking for repairs & replacements to build their new homes or flats in London or the surrounding area.

A further study by the ‘Building Research Establishment’ has found that 35% of building contractors used Hiu in 2017/18, with 53% using it to repair garages and 47% using it to provide repairs & replacements to builders’ garages in London and the surrounding area. This means that if you are looking for maintenance or repairs, you should definitely consider using Hiu if they are your preferred brand or have been your preferred brand for years!

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