Organizing Your Chopper Bike For Painting

After getting you personalized painting manual guidebook, tools, paint in addition to equipments, the next job is in order to dismantle the bike. Start out dismantling the chopper motorcycle using utmost accuracy. Though dismantling the chopper motorcycle, you need to be incredibly careful with wires attached to the bike.

Dismantling chopper motorcycle is not quite challenging, if an individual do it based to the custom painting manual guidebook. Get rid of only those parts from motorbike, which you want to re-paint, since several regarding the people today eliminate each and every single portion from the motorcycle and discover it difficult to be able to assemble it later on. You really should try to remember whilst dismantling your chopper motorcycle, of which you have in order to assemble it. Simply by working with the standard tools kit, you can effortlessly take apart or assemble your own chopper motorcycle. You should gather all of the significant or tiny components of the chopper motorcycle extremely meticulously at the particular time of taking out your motorcycle.


Sanding is carried out to eliminate the particular old paint from the dismantled parts of chopper motor bike and to provide smooth and smooth surface to color. The process of sanding is carried out by applying yellow sand papers. Frequently, right now there are two sorts of sand document utilized in layering procedure of bikes, initially is rough sandpaper and second is fine sandpaper. Rough sandpaper is applied to get rid of the old paint from the motorcycle and excellent sandpaper is utilized to offer smooth area for the new car paint. In the event the old color is remain upon the motorcycle in that case it might bring about dilemma with the particular new paint. Thus, sanding is very critical prior to you commence painting your current chopper motorcycle. In no way attempt to stay away from sanding mainly because that is very essential for the lengthy lasting shine and even grace of new paint.

Sanding Your own Chopper Motorbike

Texturing a motorcycle doesn’t need any specialised information or ability. You will have to become cautious while picking out the appropriate fullness of the fine sand paper (rough sandpaper and fine sandpaper). Sand papers with grit kind 600 to 1000 can be made use of, based after the roughness of your chopper motorcycle. six-hundred grit sand papers are used for the rough surface we. e. to get rid of the old color. 1000 grit yellow sand papers are employed for fine polishing off from the motorcycle.

Despite the fact that sanding is certainly not a specialized job, but you must be specialist in judging the smoothness in the surface on which in turn you will paint. When you are choosing motorcycle sanding, you need to be properly ready, as the particular folks who carry out such jobs happen to be consistently exposed to dust (powder involving old paint). Probabilities of receiving dust particles in the attention and throat are really common. Consequently, your need to put on the safety gadgets. Swallowing these powder blushes occasionally may possibly network marketing leads to lung malignancy.

For the ultimate finishing of your current chopper motorcycle, it is advised to be able to use 200 resolution sanding paper. Clean and sparkling area with the motorcycle is the reward involving appropriate sanding. Work with 1200 grit moist and dry sand paper to be able to color a metallic color on your moto motorcycle.

Chemical Stripper for Sanding

Should you come across it tricky to remove this paint of your own motorcycle with some sort of sand paper, and then you can likewise use chemical male stripper. Apply the color stripper really cautiously all more than the particular motorcycle using a paint brush.

Chemical stripper can impact the skin badly. Thus, you have to wear safety equipments even though applying chemical stripper on your moto motorcycle.

How to be able to Apply Chemical Male stripper

You really should protect all the components of your motorcycle, that you want in order to paint, with crystal clear plastic sheet ( obtainable from virtually any hardware shop), so the vapors will be trapped inside and can operate additional swiftly on the motorbike. Immediately after covering the motorcycle components together with the plastic sheet, than wait for the 2 to be able to three hours and remove your invisalign aligner bed sheet.

Now you may start out to piece off the paint from the motor bike with a putty knife or a new paint scraper. Immediately after applying stripping chemical on the bike parts and maintain the water aside from these parts. If important, make use of the stripping chemical again. In no way utilize chemical stripper to be able to remove the outdated paint from the particular motorcycle part, while it can impact the physique (metal) of the chopper motor bike. Thus, sanding simply by sand paper is usually the best plus uncomplicated approach to get rid of old paint by motorcycle.

Wash the Components prior to You Commence Painting

Immediately after the sanding process, wash each and every part. Washing is required and vital to remove the sanding powder snow which is remaining right after the layering process. There usually are some people who else jump from sanding directly onto the base coat and may possibly endure later, while if you commence with base layer without washing this, then after completing the initially base coat, you will locate compact contaminants on it. For that reason, wash gently all of the parts just before a person start painting.

Intended for washing objective, you can utilize any prevalent cleaning soap or dishwashing particularly which are commonly accessible in the particular industry. You can also make use of a scrub or even a hard brush using these soap or cleaning soap. A scrub or even a tough brush will even eliminate the older paint left through the sanding process. You can even use solution to scrub motorcycle, but in no way use virtually any sturdy and chemically reacting cleaner which can damage typically the body (metal) regarding your chopper motor bike by beginning the rusting approach. These kinds of kinds of chemical cleaners include some sort of chemical irritant that is recognized as Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. As Best Motorcycle Cleaner , it is usually recommended to work with common soap or perhaps dishwashing detergent to wash your chopper motorcycle before artwork

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