Samsung Galaxy M02 Mobile With High Definition Picture Quality

Samsung Galaxy M022 review: Design and build quality. The Samsung Galaxy M022 packs a big punch with its huge 5.80-inch HD Super AMOLED screen which measure 6.5 inches diagonal across and offers a beautiful curved screen. The screen has full HD Super AMOLED technology which delivers a bright solid image even in bright direct sunlight. This is a fantastic mid-range mobile phone and one that you will love to carry around for long periods of time, yet it’s also perfect for those spur of the moment moments when you need a little excitement.

Samsung Galaxy M022 review: Interface and software The body of the Samsung Galaxy M022 is a bit different from most handsets I have handled, especially in the sense that it is not a lot different in terms of user interface. You can easily appreciate all the features of this smartphone through its easy to use interface. The touch screen is clean and smooth, but the one thing you might not like about the interface is the fact that it has been designed in such a way that it may sometimes be difficult to navigate to certain areas due to the large size of the on screen buttons. It might also be a problem trying to get into certain applications which would require you to swipe or tap the specific icons in order to access them. To counter this, you can also press and hold the Home button in order to bring up some options. One thing that really irks me about this handset is the fact that the on screen buttons are not customizable and are always presented in a default manner which makes using them a bit of a challenge.

The Samsung Galaxy M02 has a powerful main camera with a high megapixel count which takes excellent photos and videos. The rear unit is capable of shooting images at a level which is equivalent to many professional cameras. The internal memory of this smartphone has a staggering 4GB which works perfectly fine for all your multimedia tasks and is enough to download the latest apps from the Samsung Galaxy Store.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Samsung Galaxy M02 is its cutting edge features such as its Android 10.4 operating system, which has been specifically developed for this handset. The phone comes with a very attractive user interface which is not only visually appealing but also offers a lot of functionalities which you can use for your day to day activities. From the security suite to the email client, you can download a lot of apps for your Samsung Galaxy M02 and enjoy the best mobile phone experience. In terms of the camera setup, the Samsung Galaxy M02 comes with the neat image capturing feature which allows you to capture your moments in very slow motion by simply squeezing the camera or by pressing the screen in slow motion. There are other photo effects and picture enhancements which you can also access from the Samsung Galaxy M02’s user interface and enjoy using these features.

The microSD card slot which is present on the Samsung Galaxy M02 allows you to insert any kind of card and store all your favourite pictures and videos. Apart from this, the phone also offers you an impressive collection of apps which are compatible with the Android platform. You can choose from a lot of games which are designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy Mami test which enables the users to enjoy fun and entertainment while on the go. This innovative handsets comes with some great features which will allow you to enjoy the unique mobile phone experience.

The Samsung Galaxy M02 has two SIM slots which can be easily inserted into any of the UK mobile network providers which are Orange, Three and T-Mobile. This allows you to select the best available deal from any of the three service providers. The phone also comes with a very compact body which is just 2.5 inches in size which makes it easy to carry. At the same time, the Samsung Galaxy M02 has a stylish design which looks extremely professional and trendy. This handset comes with a unique dual camera which is located on the back of the handset. The Samsung Galaxy M02 offers you an impressive amount of features which allow you to upload high quality pictures and videos and take excellent photos which will amaze your friends and family. Samsung Galaxy M02

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